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              1. Treat Hanger    By Chinchilla Chums

You will need:
- String
-Chinchilla Treats (with hole(s) in middle) OPTIONAL 
1.  Cut A piece of string and tie a knot at the bottom.
2. Start threading Cheerios on the string. Make to add some Treats as well.
3. When your string is almost full, Tie a knot at the top.
4. After that, Tie the String to one of the bars at the very top of the cage.
5. Watch your chinchilla Playfully trying to get the Cheerios and treats.  
CAUTION:In the Morning, the Cheerios and the Treats will probably be Gone.

2. Chinchilla Party Mix                                                By Chinchilla Chums

You Will Need:
-Plastic or Paper bag
-Ultra Bites: Veggie Puffs OPTIONAL
- Nuts (Almonds, Acorns, Walnuts, etc.)
-Raisins 'Its not a Party without Raisins!'
- Other treats?
1. Mix all Ingredients together in a bag.
2. Give 3 treats per week. (Unless Party- Give 3 to all Chinchilla guests!)
          These treats are perfect party favors for your chinchilla guests!

Chin Chracker  By Haley

you'll need: 
-a bell or two
- some string or yarn

tie some of the string to the bell then tie the other end to the base of the tail and know you can tell where your furry friend is at all times!!

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