Chinchilla Storys

The Death of Mickey

Never buy from Pet stores, they are cruel and nasty... And that's why my eldest chinchilla, Mickey, died, he... or she, (the petstore said he, but i found out a few hours before she died that she was a, a she,) her parents had a tooth disease, that became genetic, the pet store knew, i know it, now, they never told me, I could have brought him to the vet, or something, but I didn't know. Anyway, buy from breeders, or the Humaine Society... Please

    I'll Never Forget That Day...

My First chinchilla, Dusty, wasn't even 1 yet, and I woke up hearing her Squeaking in the middle of the night, I was Terrified. So, I screamed. Then, she stopped. SHE was terrified. She had gotten to much stress that night. A couple nights later, Dusty was dragging herself on her cage floor. I asked my mother if we had to take her to the vet. The next day, When I went to School, my Sister ran up to me and told me That mom had taken Dusty to the vet. I almost cried. None of my pets had ever been to the vet before. I hope she is alright, I thought. But when I got Home, Everything was Not okay. It was Horrible. I asked My mother what happened. She said: They had to put her down. Tears came to my eyes. Its all my fault! I kept saying, And I knew it was. A couple months later, We went to the mall. Everyone wanted me to get another chinchilla, and to be Happy. So we looked at the Chinchillas there, And there he was, Mickey. But I didn't  buy him, I couldn't, Not after what Had happened to Dusty. No. I kept thinking. NO more Pets! But My love for him Over came Me, and, While eating Lunch At the Food Court, we decided his name, Mickey. And we went back, And bought him.                                                                              By Chinchilla Chums

                                       My Frog

 I was at my friends cottage when we decided to catch frogs  and then let them go at the end of the week. So at the end of the week we let them all go but three so we could play with them for a day. then we decided to do a test to see if they could survive in captivity. So I brought one home and named him Tiny and the best part is, is that he's still alive and I've had him since the middle of august!!

                        By Haley (

I cant find the Hamster!!!

When I had a Hamster someone left the cage door open and the hamster got out.We couldn't find my hamster so we put out food and water so that he could eat and drink.Three days later we found him in my mom's closet and he was living in a den under a box!

            THE END!!!!!!!!!!!                 By Taylor

The Surgery 

My puppy Roxy had a sugery on january 8th because my mom did not want her to have babys. The bad thing is she is:not alowed to eat for a hole day,she is not alowed to do any phisical activity and she got stiches in her belly. I am very sad. 

By Shannon


One night when my dad took out my hamster my hamster peed on his lap and my dads lap was all wet!
                               By Dana

     Cat who Pees in a Cup!

One day me and my sister went to the washroom we came back and we saw our cat Black Shadow pieing in a cup.I'm serious he lift on leg up the started peeing directly in the cup.He didn't spill a single drop!!!!
True story no lies.

                                             By Anna

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