Your Cleaning Schedule:
Daily: Refill Drinking Water, Check Bedding in Sleeping house; Remove and Replace Damp Bedding- ONLY, Removed Trampled Hay from cage floor.  Weekly:Clean Water Bottle,Clean the cage, Clean the sand bath and Replace sand.  Monthly: Use hot water to clean your chinchillas climbing branches, Remove shed hair from the cage floor. A cloth will be good. 
                                                               The Sand Bath
Sand baths are very Important for your chinchilla. You must have your chinchilla have a dust Bath Everyday! Unlike us, chinchillas LOVE taking baths. The reason why they need sand baths, is because our hands are greasy, although we don't know it. So, when we touch them, they get greasy fur, and to wash it off, they have to wash in sand. (If they get wet they will not be able to move with all there fur soaked, and it doesn't dry!) If chinchillas don't get there sand baths, there fur looses its softness and it becomes greasy, sticky or  shaggy. You can find 'Volcanic Sand' or 'Chinchilla Sand Bath' At any Pet store. 'Without a Sand bath- the day is not complete!'
Chinchillas MUST have there own Food; Chinchilla Diet. If they get Hamster, Budgie or Bunny food  etc. They will like it more and eat the wrong food and they won't eat there own and could could get sick. Give them there Pellets in the evening, or right in the morning, Because there active at night. Treats; Chinchillas are very happy when you give him treat. Possible Treats: Small slice of Apple, nut (Unsalted), raisins, Dried fruit and Treats Labeled for them at the Pet store. Don't feed your chinchilla too many treats, this could cause constipation.

                                                     DENTAL PROBLEMS AND OTHER

Chinchilla Information