Other Pets; Not Just Chinchillas

Now, Like I said, This isint an ALL CHINCHILLAS There are also stuff about other small animals, and maybe even Dogs and Cats! But I bet YOU know more about THAT stuff than I do, Anyway! And It would be really helpful if you could send me everything you know, and share it with others. Thanks A lot! (Pages below form)

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Chinchillas and Other Pets

Chinchillas may not be kept with other pets, cats and dogs would scare and stress them, and the habitat of Reptiles and birds is not  the habitat of a chinchilla. Keeping a chinchilla with another Rodent is not a good Idea. Chinchillas like the taste of another rodents food, there for will not eat there own food for chinchillas and the nutrients for chinchillas. The chinchilla could get sick.

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