2 or More Chinchillas

                             Male and Male Female and Female                                     
Males and males can go together, as long as they don't fight. Before putting the new chinchilla in the cage, make sure they sniff each other through the bars, in till you know there OK with each other. Make sure to introduce them slowly. It is better if you have two cages. Because, if you did, put the knew chinchilla in one cage and the other in the second cage. Put the two cages close together, but not too close, for they could nibble each others ears, snouts, etc. And the other will not like that. After a couple minutes, check to see if your two chinnies have found interest in each other. If they have not found interest in the other chinchilla, bring them closer together. Call there names, take them out of there cages and introduce them. If they do not like each other, keep them in different cages. They will fight at first, But by the next day, they might be friends. To be on the safe side, keep them in different cages for the night. Some chinchillas are friendly and don't mind the same sex in the cage, but some are not as friendly. And, if you can, buy the chinchilla that reminds you most of the one you already have. If your buying both at the same time, and they were already living together, forget all the information above- They are already used to each other!
                                                  Male and Female
A male and a female are better to be together. But they most likely will mate. If you do not want your chinnies to mate- ask the breeder or one of the workers at the pet shop if the male of the two is neutered. This means he can not mate. If he is not, You should go the vet and ask about neutering your male.

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