The cage

The cage must have another Level, because Chinchillas love to jump around. It should be  90 cm High x 61 cm wide x 46 cm deep for one Chinchilla. Cages should be kept Indoors at all time. Your Chinchilla should be let out of its cage 1 hour each day. In the summer or other hot days, your Chinchilla should be put in a cool, shaded area or else your Chinchilla might get heat stroke. They do not like a lot of noise so make sure you put them somewhere quiet. Aspen chips should be put on the cage floor, most Chinchillas are are only allowed aspen. Do not put the cage in the middle of the room, put it against the wall. If you continuously run around the cage, your Chinchilla will get nervous  and intimidated. Also, make sure you put the cage high enough that you don’t have to bend over, this will frighten him/her. 


A chinchilla is a beautiful rodent from South America in Rocky places, like Mountains. There soft glossy fur is irresistible- They have the softest fur in the world. There are many kinds; Silver Strain, Standard (grey), Sapphire, Golden, Silver, Black Velvet, Beige, Spotted, Charcoal, White, Blonde, and few more, I believe. They have big ears and a tail that is not as soft as the fur on its body. Chinchillas are Rodents (Rodere in Latin- ‘To Gnaw’) so, they are Nocturnal, witch means they sleep at day and active at night. They are also very smart, some know how to knock down ladders and flip a food bowl. Chinchillas live a long time, unlike hamsters and gerbils. Chinchillas Make a lot of noise at night, as well. If Some one in your family is allergic, it is best not to get one. Chinchillas are not appropriate for small Children. Chinchillas are quite expensive to take care of. Chinchillas must be protected of the noises around him/her. They could live up to 18-22 years. (Average: 10-15 years) If you are not ready for a pet like this DO NOT GET ONE.


Although chinchillas are not smelly, you need to clean there cage once a week. This is very important. Moldy hay, pellets in food dishes, stale water and leftover food could cause sickness issues.


 How do you know your Chinchilla is a boy or a girl? Check yourself! Or ask a Vet or Pet store worker.




Chinchilla Information