Hamsters live up to the most of 3 years. But most only live to about a year or even Less! I have known 5 different types of hamster; Teddy bear hamster, Dwarf Hamster, Panda bear Hamster, Black Bear Hamster and last but NEVER least- The Original! 
Hamsters, like chinchillas eat Pellets- But it has to be made FOR THEM. Not Rat diet or mouse feed- Hamster Diet! And can not, I repeat NOT feed them CHOCOLATE! NEVER! NADA! NO! Not even 'pet' Chocolate! 
They can eat scrambled egg, cheese, on occasions, some like small pieces of fish or white meat- In the wild hamsters eat seeds and some small insects - you can buy meal worms from some pet shops.  If you decide to give your hamster some Meal Worms, and if you don't want to pick it up with bare hands, you can use tweezers. They will also love peas.

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